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XOS Champion Partners

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Congratulations to our Division I Football Conference Champion Partners

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Basketball Twitter Handles to Know


Basketball season has finally arrived and with all the exciting early season action in both the NCAA and NBA, it feels as though the holidays came early! To make this basketball season even better, we're sharing some of our favorite must-follow basketball twitter handles that can enhance your basketball experience:

XOS Thanksgiving Football Recaps

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Last Friday, both the Boston and Orlando offices took some time away from supporting the products that ease sports organizations' workflow, to play football, reminding many of how difficult sports are from the physical aspect.The Boston office held its ninth annual XOS Bowl and the Orlando office kicked off the first annual XOS Orange Bowl Classic. Here are the recaps:

You Know You're a Video Coordinator When...

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The life of a video coordinator is exciting to say the least. On top of the long hours spent editing film, video coordinators are jacks of all trades, wearing many hats and always finding a way to get the job done. With the constant hustle and bustle of their everyday tasks, VC's have become very resourceful and learned to enjoy simple joys, like a free breakfast. While each program is different many of the challenges faced by VC's are the same. If you find yourself guilty of more than 3 of these, you might be a video coordinator...


XOS Support Spotlight- Meet Tim K.

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Tim Kirchhoff joined XOS a little over a year ago and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our replay support team. Tim graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011, with a major in Information Technology. He currently lives in Orlando, FL with three of his best friends from college, including fellow support specialist Taylor Hay.

Trick or Treat- Coach Ditka is at Your Door!

mike ditka

Written by: Alexandra Rivera, PR/Marketing Intern

Flashback Friday


If you have been following our Twitter and Facebook, you may have noticed that many of our XOS Thunder partners have been featured in a variety of video spots recently. These videos have been seen on national TV, promoted by sport-specific websites, and featured by their programs in various mediums.

When viewing some of the recent profiles on different video departments and their video coordinators, we came across this 'oldie but goodie.' Throwbacks are usually saved for Thursdays, but we couldn't resist sharing this video of Erik Kunttu from his days at Syracuse. Erik is the current President of the Collegiate Sports Video Association and Video Director for the Indianapolis Colts. 

Sure the technology has evolved since this video in 2009, but the role of the video staff remains pretty consistent...Get coaches film as fast you can!

We hope you enjoy! Happy Friday!

College Football Success - Halfway Through

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After Week 1, we showed an infographic that focused on the success our customers had in the previous weeks' games. The success has continued for many XOS partners and many are still in BCS bowl contention at the halfway point in the college football season.


XOS Support Spotlight - Meet Dan M.

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Anyone who has called into our coaching technology support line in the past year has most likely spoken to Dan. Dan really has no sport specialty when it comes to call-ins (mainly because we stole him from the accounting/finance field), so he has no problems answering any and every call that comes through.

7 Hockey Twitter Handles to Know

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The NHL season is underway and we couldn’t be more excited! Our 18 NHL XOS Thunder Hockey users are primed for big seasons and are prepared for anything with an arsenal of coaching technology. So, we wanted to offer fellow hockey fans some of our favorite must-follow hockey twitter handles:

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